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Security Access Control

Palm Beach Polo and Country Club
Property Owners’ Association, Inc.

The Palm Beach Polo and Country Club has installed new equipment and implemented new procedures to further enhance the security and safety of its residents.  A new state of the art access control computer system features a more reliable platform, ease of use, which translates into faster access and a new user-friendly voice authorization system.  The new voice authorization system automatically recognizes the number you are calling from. If that number is registered in the computer you are not required to enter a pin number and can authorize guests for up to two weeks by just following the prompts.  When your guests come to the gate the Officer hears your voice provide authorization.

Because the system processes information at high speed, time spent gaining entrance is reduced if you are a resident or a visitor.  In addition if you have a bar code and use the resident lane to gain entrance the computer automatically records you passage by name and decal number. 

In addition to the new computerized access control system the security provider, G4S  Secure Solutions is using a computerized patrol monitoring system called TOCO.  Patrol Officers are required to place an electronic wand on buttons placed in strategic locations on the property.  The wand is then downloaded into a computer allowing a printout that describes in detail all patrol activities by officer, time, days etc.  This provides a valuable management tool and the ability to check specifically on patrol activities should an incident occur.

We have added an Automatic Electronic Defibrillator to our list of protection available to our residents.  The unit is carried in a patrol vehicle and all G4S  Secure Solutions personnel have been trained in its use.  The AED is a proven method to prevent death during the initial stages of a heart attack.

The new system has required some changes:

We strongly encourage you to use the gateaccess.net application: It is the most efficient to add to your guest list 24 hrs. a day and can be easily accessed by your smartphone (app is free). Click on link for instructions. Gateaccess.net

  1. A 5-digit pin number has been assigned to all residents.  The number is automatically generated by the computer and cannot be altered and has been provided to most residents already.  If you do not have your new pin numbers contact the POA.  Our Access Control Officers use this as a basis to properly verify and identify authorized residents. If a caller does not provide a security code, the Access Control Officers are required to continue to ask questions until they are satisfied that they are speaking to the resident; if determination is not made, the Access Control Officer must contact a Supervisor, who will deny access to the guest or vendor.

  2. The contact phone numbers for the gates.The most convenient way, other than gateaccess.net is using the voice authorization number, which is  561-790-7656 The East Gate Numbers are 793-7758, and 561-721-1684. The West Gate – 561-793-7759.

You will continue to see G4S  Secure Solutions Officers using radar and the Traffic Hawk to enforce speed limits and at times walking a beat in your neighborhood.  We are committed to providing the most professional Access Control Department, and encourage you to contact Palm Beach Polo POA with any concerns.

If a problem occurs or you have a complaint, please contact us at 561-514-1800, or email at polo.poa@polopoa.com 


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