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Palm Beach Polo POA

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Adding Guests and Vendors


Resident Guests: Please use www.gateaccess.net for adding and removing guest to your temporary or permanent guest list.

Instructions on How a Homeowner can log in and edit their own information

Log into www.gateaccess.net and follow the instructions below.


  1. Select POLO as your Community Code

  1. Enter your User Name – This is your 10 digit home phone number (without dashes). This number must be registered as your home number with the POA Office.
  1. Enter your Password – This is your 5 digit security pin number. If you do not remember your pin number, please send an email request to the POA Admin at polo.poa@polopoa.com




If you must call into the gate, provide the officer the name(s) of your visitor(s) and the day or days they are authorized to access your unit. Guests are only authorized for the dates called in for. Only the POA Administrator can provide permanent access to guests. You can also do this and save time by calling the voice authorization number.

You must provide your private pin code number issued to you as a resident by the POA. The most heavily trafficked times at the Gate Houses are from 8am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm.  Please do not try to do business at the gates during these times, if possible. 

Renters: If you are renting or leasing a property, please inform the renter or lessee of the correct address, including any designations of your unit, such as A or B.  Complete a renter/lessee authorization form, obtainable from the POA office or Gate Houses.  Include the renter/lessee’s name or names, dates of occupancy and your signature.  Return the completed form to the POA office.  If this information is not provided the renter may be denied access.  Proper arrangements for renter/lessee’s guests can be made upon the return of this form.

Members: Members coming to the gate must present a valid membership card.  You should obtain a member PIN code from the POA, which allows you to register guests at the gate by telephone, via the voice authorization system or fax (see resident guests).  If you do not have a member’s PIN code, you will be required to meet all guests at the gate.

If a problem occurs or you have a complaint please contact Administrative Assistant at 561-514-1800, or email at polo.poa@polopoa.com 

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